NER: Tours of Duty

Cradle of Aviation with the Empire City Garrison
2011-06-18, Long Island, NY
TKID Members Name Costume
9946 Scott Byrne (ID) Officer
6021 Michael Ciaravino Rebel Legion Costume
8247 Andres Feliciano (DZ) Denizens of the Empire - Tusken Raider
8248 Bonnie Feliciano Rebel Legion Costume
6797 Jacqueline Hannon (IC) Imperial Crewman
6799 James Hannon (TI) TIE Pilot
5715 Warren Mundell (TB) Biker Scout
9432 Robert Netchert (TB) Biker Scout
3405 Jessica Silvers (TB) Biker Scout
5286 Kristin Sirota Rebel Legion Costume
5287 Will Sirota Spotter/Handler
2640 Lance Starmer (TB) Biker Scout
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