NER: Tours of Duty

Intrepid Air & Space Museum w/ ECG
2011-02-21, NYC, NY
TKID Members Name Costume
3251 Gary Bernhardt (SL) Sith Lord - Darth Vader (ROTS)
6021 Michael Ciaravino Rebel Legion Costume
8247 Andres Feliciano (DZ) Denizens of the Empire - Tusken Raider
8248 Bonnie Feliciano (IC) Imperial Crewman
6797 Jacqueline Hannon (IC) Imperial Crewman
6799 James Hannon Rebel Legion Costume
2298 John Kraemer (TD) Sandtrooper
6369 Edward O (IN) Imperial Navy Trooper
2136 Erik Priggemeier (TK) Stormtrooper
5286 Kristin Sirota Rebel Legion Costume
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