NER: Tours of Duty

ToyConNJ - Day 1
2021-11-13, Wayne, NJ
TKID Members Name Costume
16680 Kevin Abato (DZ) Jawa
10201 Jorge Barca (TD) Sandtrooper
70813 Bryan Coffey (DZ) Bith Musician
37149 Brian Costello (IN) Imperial Navy Trooper
73168 Donald DeMeester (TK) Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
52364 Merissa Ford (DS) Mara Jade: Black bodysuit
7218 John Garzillo (TI) TIE Pilot: ANH
18945 Samuel Giro (ID) Officer: Director Krennic
61226 Gregg Milite (SL) Darth Vader: Pre-Armor
70898 Elena Sorce (TI) TIE Pilot: Reserve Pilot
8846 Andrew Thompson (SL) Sith Acolyte (SWTOR)
17066 Peter Tirella (DS) Kylo Ren: The Force Awakens
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