NER: Tours of Duty

Saddle Brook HS Community Event
2019-11-29, Saddle Brook, NJ
TKID Members Name Costume
15004 Eddie Armenteros (TI) TIE Pilot: ANH
27200 Andrew Della Iacono (TB) Biker Scout
73168 Donald DeMeester (IG) Imperial Gunner
31124 Sebastian Depaola (CC) Clone Commander (EU) (Phase 2): Thire
51916 Christian Erickson (ID) Officer: Staff Officer, (Black)
7218 John Garzillo (TI) TIE Pilot: 181st
72164 Dave Mielnicki (DS) Kylo Ren: Starkiller Base
61226 Gregg Milite (SL) Darth Vader: ANH
92679 Naomi Sonfield (TI) Inferno Squad-Commander Iden Versio
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