NER: Tours of Duty

Overlook Medical Center Halloween Visit
2018-10-31, Summit, NJ
TKID Members Name Costume
73168 Donald DeMeester (SL) Emperor Palpatine: ROTS/ESB/ROTJ (Black Sith Robe)
12110 Taylor Goodson (TA) Imperial Combat Assault Tank Driver
6799 James Hannon Rebel Legion Costume
82065 Chris Mitrotasios (TB) Biker Scout
92813 Mike Muratore (DZ) Tusken Raider: ANH (male)
22381 Anthony Pizzuto (SL) Darth Vader: ROTJ
76666 Harry Ryttenberg Spotter/Handler
6367 Brian Shank (IG) Imperial Gunner
48415 Edward Snediker (IG) Imperial Gunner
47877 Mike Yacullo (BH) Boba Fett: The Empire Strikes Back
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