NER: Tours of Duty

NJ Comic Expo Day One
2017-11-18, Edison, NJ
TKID Members Name Costume
11871 Joe Brausam (IG) Imperial Gunner
8869 Terry Browning (TX) Special Operations - Shadow Scout
10229 Michael Civitano (SL) Sith Lord - Kylo Ren
61224 Jim Cohen (IC) Imperial Crew: Bridge Crew
73168 Donald DeMeester (IS) AT-ST Driver
31124 Sebastian Depaola (TD) Sandtrooper
96444 Rich Donato (TD) Sandtrooper
25217 Carla Giacalone (ID) Officer - Staff Officer (black)
19812 Sean Glennon (CT) Clone Trooper (ROTS) - 501st Legion variant
26199 Paul Kennedy Spotter/Handler
31013 Michelle Ortiz-Shank (DZ) Denizens of the Empire - Jawa
41932 Crystal Pavlik (TX) Special Operations - Shadow Scout
98889 Randy Pavlik (TX) Special Operations - Shadow Trooper
41424 Bryan Phil Rebel Legion Costume
17422 Brian Polifrone (TI) TIE Pilot - Reserve
6367 Brian Shank Rebel Legion Costume
21003 Chelsea Stebbins (TK) Stormtrooper - ESB
47877 Mike Yacullo (TI) TIE Pilot
88661 John Zech Rebel Legion Costume
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