NER: Tours of Duty

Albert Einstein Academy
2016-12-14, Elizabeth, NJ
TKID Members Name Costume
42089 Steve Ciecierski (IC) Imperial Crewman
37149 Brian Costello (IN) Imperial Navy Trooper
31124 Sebastian Depaola (TK) Stormtrooper - ANH Stunt
89620 Chris Francese (IG) Imperial Gunner
19812 Sean Glennon (TK) Stormtrooper - ANH Stunt
12110 Taylor Goodson (IC) Imperial Crewman - Bridge Crew
60319 Victoria Lowe (TB) Biker Scout
32755 Jason Marosi (TR) Royal Guard
68333 Jared Mattfeld (SL) Sith Lord - Darth Vader - ESB
17507 Rob Wojciechowski Costume Info Not Available
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