The Northeast Remnant is the official Garrison of the 501st Legion that serves the great state of New Jersey. Our diverse membership base comes together to celebrate Star Wars through the creation of screen accurate costumes found throughout the films, books, television shows, and so much more. We then use these costumes to support our local communities in a large variety of ways.

The Northeast Remnant can be seen at many conventions and Star Wars related events in the tristate area, but we can also be regularly seen contributing to local charitable and volunteer events at our libraries, community centers, and so many other great locations. Offering our support and spreading the joy of Star Wars is what the “Bad Guys Doing Good” do best.

If you would like to request an appearance by the Empire’s finest or if you would like to join our ranks, feel free to contact us. Our helpful staff and welcoming members are always here to assist!

Taylor Goodson - Garrison Commanding Officer
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By Event Count, Calendar Year
12110Taylor Goodson5
24407Steven Fidler3
25217Carla Giacalone3
70813Bryan Coffey3
17507Rob Wojciechowski2
18001Jonathan Sywanycz2
19812Sean Glennon2
22795Albert Torres2
37149Brian Costello2
41066Chris Manning2
72164Dave Mielnicki2
74711Justin Sonfield2
82065Chris Mitrotasios2
84113Lindsay Miller2
8869Terry Browning2
92813Mike Muratore2
Last Updated Jun 05, 2021